all trigonometric identities

Relation Between Trigonometric Ratios Class 10th

Introduction We know that the reciprocal of sin ϴ, cos ϴ, and tan ϴ is cosec ϴ, sec ϴ, and cot ϴ respectively. Therefore, some formulae are here which show the Relation Between Trigonometric Ratios. Derivation of Formula and Explanation If we assume △PQR,  sin ϴ = PQ/PR    and cosec ϴ = PR/PQ sin ϴ⨯cosec …

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Trigonometry Class 10th

Introduction Trigonometry is a very important and interesting branch of mathematics. The word ‘trigonometry’ is derived from the Greek words ‘tri’ (means three), ‘gon’ (means sides), and ‘metron’ (means measure). It is also said that this word is taken from the Sanskrit language word ‘त्रिकोणमिति’.Trigonometry is the study of relationships between the sides and the …

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