Windows 8.1 apps

Microsoft Windows 8 Apps.

  • Help + tips apps.
  • Reader apps.
  • Reading list.
  • Finance apps.
  • Food & drink apps.
  • Games apps.
  • Health & fitness apps.
  • Music apps.
  • Video apps.
  • News apps.
  • Weather apps.
  • Camera apps.
  • Photo apps.
  • Calendar apps.
  • Mail apps.
  • One drive apps
  • People apps.
  • Store apps.
  • Skype apps.
  • Sports apps.
  • Alarm apps.
  • Calculator apps.
  • Pc settings.
  • Scan apps.
  • Sound recorder apps.
  • Maps apps.
  • Travel apps.

Microsoft Windows 8 Apps Description.

Help + tips – help + tips is a comprehensive collection of help and guide information related to the inbuilt collection of windows 8.1 in the windows 8.1 operating system. where this app tells you how to manage, operate and control tasks and jobs related to the new windows 8.1. where help+tips treats all help object element windows as corresponding object slide-in thumbnail views. here it describes some of the common and new features of windows apps features. this app is ready to wait until then in windows 8. when the user slides down the search tab, the information or help of the category elements and suggestions they want. by default, this app has listed all windows help & tips topics. getting started and windows apps, an optional action, provides your account, and files, settings, what’s new in windows, and online help. here you can select any one of the given options to know more about the operating system of windows 8.1. this also includes allowing windows users to find out more information about windows 8.1 from the online website. but here you need to be connected through an online internet connection. where the windows tips feature provides you with the latest tips on how to use the current windows operating system. even windows tips make the task of your windows operating system more intuitive and easy. and enhances user performance and system interaction.

windows 8 apps

Benefits of support + tips

  • Where you access the start menu, and the apps start screen, windows store apps, view desktop, and more about all installed windows apps.
  • Go to nearby options to start access where you use, switch between apps, use the most recently accessed app, close and move running apps.
  • Where you can access basic controls for windows search, share print, use apps, view apps side by side, and more.
  • Here you find online microsoft company accounts for your files, apps, windows like, sky drive apps for search.
  • Where you can configure the shutdown pc setting. configure more pc settings, modify default installed applications in windows.
  • Where you know about the new features available in windows. like, search, personalization, charm bar, windows store, modern, windows apps, new touch keyboard, desktop features, and many more.

Reader – the windows 8.1 reader app is installed by default in the windows 8.1 operating system at the time of windows installation. when windows is installed manually. where reader apps is a document pdf reader application. here view xps, tiff, file format reader application provided by microsoft company is included. here in the reader app, you can read or view pdf, xps, files continuously. where you can use this app to read pdf data files in two pages one by one in the windows reader application according to your need.

Benefits of reader apps

  • Where you view and read pdf, and xpf file extension documents. and you can single, two-page, print, or save in different places through this app.
  • Where you can rotate, bookmark, or retrieve essential information from different angles in selected reader app content.
  • Where you can read one or more pdf and xps documents at the same time through the reader app.

Reading list – where reading list apps are automatically installed with windows 8.1 and windows 10 operating systems. where this app allows users to track desired information audio, video, and web content through internet network connectivity. where it displays several reading list-items. or retrieves classes of objects for use in it. where you can create a collection of reading list items called finance, food, health, news, and travel. now here you can transfer or share desired reading list information between connected devices.

Benefits of reading list apps

  • Where you get to know about the newly launched videos and audios through these apps.
  • Where you can track the information and content of your choice. you can also bookmark this item in these apps.
  • Where you can make some desired modifications and edits to the reading list items..

Finance – windows 8.1 finance app enables you to get details related to the stock market, share or stock prices, currency terms of different cities in different continents of the world. where you see a list of stock prices, details about national and international market news from around the world. for example, currencies, commodities, market movers, even you can view live national, international, stock market, stock prices online through your terminal. where you are getting financial tools for calculations to solve the financial system. even you are always updated with market trading news. compare stock markets of the world and Asia, get a market position in Europe through finance app, etc.

Benefits of finance apps

  • Here you are getting latest market updates on national or international stock market information of your region. where you see world market strategy, stock and latest commodity price information.
  • Where you update yourself with stock market information every day. receive new updated news and information, build your stock buy, sell strategy, and more.
  • Where you see stocks and prices exclusively from world markets. view prices and information of similar items with it.
  • Where you can view or track national, international or world stock market information.
  • You can also use the finance application tool to locate available online links. which helps the user to understand the stock market outlook better.
  • Where you can create your portfolio stock items and prices, watch online stock market tv channels, etc.

Food & drink – the food & drink online app gives you the option to create thousands of online food recipes. which are associated with national, international, and regional cuisines. which is known as microsoft’s trusted online bing search engine source. where worldwide popular cook recipe style videos via online magazines and recipe secrets allow you to learn step by step graphically with instructions. even video tutorials are used to create special recipes where you learn how to make, how to cook, and how to serve the client. where new tips techniques and formats step by step for cooking with drinks for your family customer. use the design meal calculator to find detailed information on food recipes where you choose the wines. you can learn more about eating and drinking techniques. where this app is better than the traditional food and drinks technology of service through windows 8.1.

Benefits of eating out apps

  • Where you know about national-international cooking process and cooking process.
  • Where you browse hundreds of food and drink recipes with guide videos or visual instructions with photos.
  • Where you build your meal planner to calculate the meal process.
  • Where you add a favorite recipe to the recipes list.
  • Where you see the steps and techniques of modern chefs’ food preparation.
  • Where you always get to make step by step new recipe news in detail, and any information found online.
  • You can also explore a geographic collection of recipes to make and learn.

Games – here you can download, purchase the latest windows 8.1 games, or explore, download, and use new games from the microsoft xbox game support system. where you play several games for the windows 8.1 operating system, and download them to your computer. where you can play some online games from game category options. where you see some windows online xbox games for your system. here you can also download the list of games by category. now here you can learn fun games, sports games, 3d games, virtual games, or classic games according to your need. where microsoft provides the Xbox online gaming platform. which allows you to significantly increase the game capacity for the system. now you can easily do gaming comfortably or in a fun mood.

Benefits of game apps

  • Where you see a list of categories of games. like, android play game list, etc.
  • Here you can buy free and licensed games.
  • Here you can play live xbox games, download free games. and can pay online to include other game features.
  • Where you find new games, play window store games live, and find other games in the category window.

Health & fitness – the health & fitness app features of windows 8.1 are very important for windows customers of all age groups. here you will find thousands of health and fitness maintenance tips, workout strategies, hard and moderate exercise, eating regularly, what kind of nutrition you will need during the exercise period. where this app checks your health symptoms, your body disease symptoms. while these apps regularly update you about new health and fitness, you maintain your own policy and strategy. where you can create your health and fitness profile to make your body fit and refreshed. it gives you tips and tricks to always keep your physical and mental body in good shape along with better performance.

Health and fitness benefits

  • Where you can find out new exercises, workouts, yoga. where video classes include graphical instructions.
  • Here you can check the fitness characteristics of your body.
  • Even you can see the human body in 3-dimensional visual order with multiple parts view.
  • Where you can find online fitness tips and advice.
  • You also get the types of workouts on your body to maintain the body.

Music – music apps are automatically installed with the windows 8.1 operating system. where it allows windows users to play or organize a music collection, music library, play their favorite songs. where you can buy a new song album online from the windows Xbox music library showcase. where in music there are many online songs available to play or download in your system for free. where you can play your own customized music library songs, create your own music playlists, create collections of favorite songs. plus you can import existing music playlists into the windows music app. where you can search music library songs, windows Xbox music library, see available music artists, music albums, songs. and you can play them as per your given choice.

Features of windows music app

  • Here you can create your own music profile.
  • Where you can manage or create one or more music playlists.
  • Where you import existing music playlists.
  • Here you get a new music album song from the windows xbox service.
  • Where you find the usual music controls in the windows music app to make operation easier.

Video – video apps are built-in to the windows 8.1 operating system by default. when you install the windows operating system, it is automatically installed along with the windows operating system. where video apps help you play different categories of videos. which have been extended to play popular video formats. where you create your own media library collection, where you can select videos to play from this pc, a network location, even a drive location. even microsoft windows Xbox is bringing you the latest Bollywood videos, Hollywood videos along with normal or HD movie video collections. where you can buy a new HD movie video, pay for it online, and play them in this app, watch live tv shows, recorded tv shows. but remember that, video apps play some limited video formats. which are already recognized in video apps. so, sometimes you face restrictions to play all video formats with video apps.

Features of video apps

  • Where you watch, play, and pause your favorite videos.
  • Here you can watch the latest tv shows, recorded tv shows and much more.
  • Where you can buy new latest hd movies from windows xbox.
  • Where you can apply all video controls on video format play.
  • Even you can get better resolution for supported video display format.

News – the news app brings you the latest, updated news from around the world, always in the windows 8.1 news app for you. where these apps help us to get the latest world news, uploaded global news, updates, download news articles. here we get all types of the online latest news from microsoft bing search engine in this app. here news app provides you with new news, latest videos, events, world news, watch news headlines, watch headline videos, find news, any news, and many types of articles. where you can search your desired topic with the news of the given category in the windows 8.1 operating system.

Features of bing news apps

  • Where you can find world’s latest news track from microsoft bing search engine through provided news archive.
  • Here you see news categories, whether local, national or international, for each user. now search or read them according to your need.
  • Where you watch, or explore, world news events, and watch live coverage news videos around the world.
  • You can also watch world famous microsoft msn news, latest news uploaded videos live.

Weather – weather apps are automatically installed along with the windows 8.1 operating system apps collection. where this application provides all data, articles, and information to us through microsoft bing search engine weather data. where this app is telling you about the clear conditions of the current weather. know everything about your current weather news where you see weather forecasts, active weather conditions images, day-to-day weather reports and status, live weather reports, weather ex-images. latest weather information including updates, etc. where this app helps every windows user to know in advance about 10 days weather report with weather app. even you can make your planning, business schedule, commercial task schedule, picnic, holiday and another schedule according to count weather report.

Benefits of weather apps

  • Where you get the latest information about the current local weather. there are many other reliable information sources in these reports provided by windows.
  • Where you see national, international, weather reports.
  • Here you can see live weather map report.
  • Where you can see early weather warnings from reliable sources.

Camera – the camera app enables windows users to take live camera photos, record live video with connected cameras, or set a default camera device. where these videos and images can be played with any supported windows apps and programs. with the camera, you can share your favorite videos, shared pictures, and videos with anyone else. where camera apps help you join video conference via camera app with skype, yahoo messenger, microsoft link, wechat or other social communication apps.

Advantages of the camera app

  • Where you can record live photos and videos through installed internal laptop, desktop, camera inbuilt device.
  • Where you take desired screenshots of videos and camera pictures.
  • Here you can crop, zoom or rotate photos and videos taken with the camera.
  • Where the camera automatically takes a series of pictures. here it is automatically stored at its default location.
  • You can also scan documents and view content with the camera apps installed.

Photos – photos is the default editing photo viewing app. where it allows windows 8.1 users to view and browse existing windows installed or stored pictures and graphics. where this app allows windows users to take photos, view existing photos, storage graphics, view images, apply effects to existing photos. where you can share modified photos with other people. where the edit photos option enables you to edit, rotate, crop, edit photos and save current pictures in a new location with new features with the photos app.

Advantages of photo apps

  • Where you can import photos and photos as crop, delete or set as photos.
  • Where you can apply all kinds of editing photo effects and settings on the selected photo.
  • Now you can share or store photos in one drive storage location as per your requirement.

Calendar – calendar apps help windows 8 users to maintain their business tasks, schedules. here you create your business appointments, view the contacts you’ve created, meet others through the calendar app. here it is similar to our home, office, calendar. where you mark, note, and view information about specific days of jobs or tasks with the calendar. it allows you to share important details and information and many other things with windows 8 calendar app options.

Advantage of calendar

  • where you can get information about current calendar date, month, day, and year in this app.
  • where you can maintain schedule, meeting, planning, appointment in window calendar.
  • you can also view the next schedule in detail by day, week, workweek, or month-wise calendar order through the app.

Mail – mail apps are installed automatically, or loaded with the windows 8.1 installation. where mail app allows windows users to keep in touch with their business relatives, customers, colleagues, employees, company, business associates. first, you open the windows mail application. now here you create or configure your active e-mail account. remember, you can have one or more configured e-mail accounts. now test you e-mail account properly, and you will be able to get all your e-mail inbox e-mails to be downloaded from your e-mail id location or go to mail app inbox location. now here you can receive e-mails to your inbox, read existing e-mails, compose new e-mails, edit e-mails, receive social updates, read newsletters, can view drafts, check all sent item lists. you can even see any other folders you have created in windows mail. but you should know, you must have a microsoft-certified e-mail account to access the mail windows app features. where this app is very similar to other windows and other popular email apps. for example, microsoft outlook, evolution, mozilla thunderbird, and other popular online-offline e-mail client apps.

Windows 8.1. features of mail

  • where you quickly create, send or receive email from another server.
  • up to date system where you organize e-mail, and make it easy to find.
  • now here you can access inbox, outbox e-mail explore drafts, sent mail, folders, and other mail categories.

One drive – the microsoft one drive app installs automatically with the windows 8.1 operating system. where one drive free online company provides free cloud storage app for document storage. in microsoft one drive cloud, windows 8.1 users are able to save their important content, documents, files, folders and information to an online storage location. where one drive lets you save your documents, files, photos in one drive storage location. where these storage files are saved in one drive as a secondary copy of the data object currently being used. where these storage data sources are stored as a secure and protective sequence. now you can access, open, modify, or access your official drive anywhere or at any location from one computer and another computer already in windows 8.1 operating system.

Advantages of one drive apps

  • where one drive microsoft company provides an online storage facility for its users to autosave, edit and optimize these files.
  • where you can modify and view one drive save files and electronic information anywhere with an electronic portable gadget.
  • where these electronic files provide portability for easy access and passage of information between multiple electronic gadgets.
  • here you can modify, edit and share these resources between connected online one drive apps.
  • where these services are provided online by the microsoft company to its users. therefore, there is no geographic limitation for you to access the information.
  • even these features are built-in to microsoft office. and nowadays most of the smartphones are designed for office work only. therefore, you can access these files and information from your smartphone as well. when the user requires it.

People – you use the people app in windows 8.1 to connect to the social network client application. for example, facebook, link din, twitter and other social clients like to chat, communicate and share text, audio, video, feelings, and expressions. where you windows people stop to share valuable sources of information among their trusted groups of people for better social communication. here you make it easy to interact with the data content of people through this app, store their updates, latest information, client queries, etc.

Benefits of people apps

  • Where you communicate and interact with the available windows. e-mail accounts configure email and messaging. here you can configure facebook, outlook, skype, twitter and microsoft accounts.
  • Makes it easy to find and query people’s e-mail account information, where you can view a list of your accounts.
  • Here you can see the list of users get the network information list here.
  • Where you can find out what’s the latest user information and queries.
  • You can also communicate between two people by sending contacts, messages, video calls, skype calls and text conversations.

Store – windows store app is available in the new windows 8.1 operating system. and it is similar to all modern online app store applications today. for example, there is the android play store, apple online store, linux app online download store. where these apps help windows users to download free, commercial, non-commercial apps for the installed windows 8.1 based or newer version operating system. here from your window, you can browse the range of windows 8.1 apps, download them. even install the new app through your microsoft online account. here all you have to do is log in with your microsoft registered mail account and explore the various windows apps categories. where you can select any one of them, and start the process of downloading the windows store app. but here you must remember that you need to have a high-speed internet broadband network connection to download and install the windows store app on windows activating the system.

Advantages of windows store

  • Where windows store apps provides you with thousands of free or rented apps for the windows 8.1 operating system.
  • Here you can update the existing installed windows app.
  • Install new windows apps even in given category from where you download
  • You even use an online microsoft account to access windows store applications.

Skype – skype is a freely available and downloadable social communication app. which is used worldwide in windows, linux, unix, mac-based platform operating systems. where these apps are available online for voice, video, and instant messaging with existing skype users. where you can make voice to voice video, skype user calls for communication through your cellphone, smartphone, personal computer, etc. where skype uses free telecommunications service. so, you don’t care about it during online communication, it can be voice including video communication. like other chat messaging apps, you can also send skype users instant messages with connected users. in the skype app, you can store contacts, store important recipient information. you even connect to skype via your personal computer, android tablet, cellphone, windows phone, mac, ipad, iphone, windows xbox, etc.

Benefits of skype

  • Where you can have free text communication, instant messaging, video calls and online communication in skype.
  • The skype app allows you to make national, international calls through the skype application.
  • Skype facilitates communication between online users to share resources and online content.
  • You can also communicate with internet services on skype for the ease of making calls, texts and videos.

Sports – windows 8.1 sports app is used by sports enthusiasts to know the latest information about their favorite sports games. in sports apps, you can find just about any sport and sports team information online. where the game collects information from the current information of the game through microsoft relying on microsoft online bing search sources. where this application displays all local sports details of your regional, about any team, their schedule, match time, team details, team news, latest query, you will get top news, latest stories and your regional sports in this app get a lot about. international sports information is available for you in this app.

Benefits of sports app

  • Here you always get the latest information about the sports of the world in the windows 8.1 sports app.
  • Where you see online world sporting schedule details, timings and other information.
  • You can also learn more about an individual sports team in different sports.

Alarms – windows alarm apps are very useful, with this being a pretty essential app. includes creating and managing windows alarm date schedules. where an alarm app is used to store the schedule to create all types of alarms with a 24-hour format. this app allows you to setup just about alarm reminders, wake-up schedules, and more. where the alarm app gives you an alarm schedule for the end of the day, weekly, for successive moments, or continuously and more. even you can see the time below, alarm timer, stopwatch alarm, are featured in the windows 8.1 operating system.

Features of alarm apps

  • Where you can set an alarm for a specific moment or time. this set plays a sound or notification about the alarm whenever you need it.
  • Where you use one or more alarm timers.
  • Where you configure manual alarms, and create your own alarm profiles for regular use.
  • Now configure the alarm sound you need during different situations.

Calculator – where nowadays everyone knows about windows calculator. and how this app works, and how useful it is in your regular numerical calculation, calculator is very functional for all windows and other users to solve a large number of calculations. while the calculator application looks new with new developments and better work quality, together with the redesigned windows developers. here are the default calculator app features in windows. which are available in working modes of standard, scientific or converter, order. here you can choose any one function according to your need. arithmetic is for performing your desired math tasks including solving calculation problems. here you can solve numerical, algebraic, constant, number operations in a better way with the new calculator in the windows 8.1 operating system.

Advantages of calculator apps

  • Here you use the calculator options for general, standard, scientific, purpose.
  • Where you can count millions of numbers for calculation.
  • Where calculator converter allows you to convert many things.

Pc settings – pc settings option enables windows 8.1 users to customize and configure windows 8.1 system critical personal computer configurations in the windows operating system. where you can configure pc & devices, users & accounts, one drive, search & applications, privacy, network, time & language, ease of access center, update & recovery, default options settings. you can click on the heading pc settings, and explore the subcategory of settings. you can make desired and necessary change settings whenever you need.

Scan – windows 8.1 scan app is a built-in scanner or scanning app. which is provided by default by windows 8.1 operating system. where you simply install a scanner device with the windows 8.1 operating system. now in the scanner device, you are able to insert photos. and try to scan documents, images, graphics and other electronic material, and other visual contents in the windows scan app to scan properly. remember, any visual graphical material here can be scanned. or can be inserted into referenced applications as scanning sources. but first of all, you must properly attach the scanner device and have the correct hardware device software installed in order to operate the scanner hardware device.

Sound recorder – sound recorder is a much-needed windows app. which microsoft company developer has made available with windows 8.1 new fresh operating system. where sound recorder apps enhance your system recording capability while recording some recordings. where it allows users to create sound, record sound, share sound files, edit existing sound files. you can also manage several different sound profiles in the new windows 8.1 sound recorder application. where you can record pause sound play, or move sound profiles between multiple windows users. even when you record sound, it displays information on the recorded sound in a second or minute display, as well as the large microphone sign in the application center. here you can pause, and play the sound during the sound recording process. finally, all your recently recorded sound appears on the right corner in windows sound recorder application software.

Advantages of sound recorder

  • Where you can record sound, play sound files, transfer and share recorded sound in windows.
  • Here you can continue recording sound without any errors.
  • Where you can trim, record, edit and delete recorded sound files.
  • You can even make it easier to handle recording files during recording for personal and commercial use.

Maps – microsoft window maps app show you high-resolution quality map images with user interaction with maps app along with other landmark indications of live and old saved high road, area, street, and world geographic location satellite map images. where you can zoom the maps to locate smaller places on the map, or save city map images. here you can print as a guide on the go. here you can get online directions from one city source direction to another city destination direction. even you know more about the exact kilometer duration of the journey. one can easily know the complete route of the journey from start to finish. and it can be understood through the microsoft maps service app. even you can see the live city road map, location, popular places, etc of any city. it is important to see some specific world through this app to make it easy to see any address, geolocation.

Benefits of maps

  • Where you can find a new location, continent, direction, geographic location etc.
  • Here you can get detailed information about any business address.
  • Where you know more about any geographic direction than the source destination.
  • Where you see the image of all the world graphics via satellite information.
  • Here you can pin certain map image locations for editing.
  • Where you can place your favorite places on the world map as needed.

Travel – the travel app feature of windows 8.1 enables windows users to explore the best places in the world. where you can explore the most beautiful place in the world. here you can create your travel profile, book travel hotel online, know flight schedule, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, middle east, north America, region, even you flight information can search, flight schedule, search or know global destination travel status in flight, get related information. where you can find the best on the web for travel places around the world in the travelogue. you can also search many travel destinations around the world with the travel apps in the windows operating system.

Travel benefits

  • Here you can find the world’s most popular destinations in travel apps.
  • Where you get world online flight schedule duration and other details.
  • Here you can see popular destination photos, illustrations, slide shows and videos.
  • Where you are free to find new destinations, book flights, hotels, travel destinations online.
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