input and output device

Input And Output Device.

What are Input and output device.

What is input and output device.

Input devices – Input devices are used to enter raw data and digital information into the computer. Where any input device refers to entering raw data and information into the computer. Here you get a variety of input device designs to enter information into multiple computers. Sometimes we think that if an input device is not connected to the computer. then we can insert, edit, cut, copy, paste, edit, cut, copy, paste the required data and information in the computer, control dialog controls, windows, applications, Entering information is never possible. Therefore, input devices play an important role in entering data into computer storage media and recording or storing digital information for the user’s needs.

Example of input Device.

Keyboard – The keyboard is a popular essential input device similar to a typewriter. Which is definitely connected inbuilt to every laptop, desktop, notebook, client, server, computer. Where, unlike a typewriter, the keyboard writes text on all-printed paper, but a typewriter cannot change or return text, edit or modify written information, as compared to a keyboard. But on a computer, you can quickly replace the unnecessary text deleted with the help of a keyboard. Where every computer must have a keyboard used for creating a document, letters, numerical calculations, inputting text information. Where the keyboard is connected to the computer can be a com port, a PS/2 port, a USB port, or a Bluetooth, wireless, port. Where the keyboard allows you to manage editing customization in written text with assistive application software. Even the keyboard is the most commonly used device as an input device for entering numeric, alphabet, text, passwords, symbols, and other similar operations. Remember, here it is not possible in a computer to create text-based information and text without using a keyboard device.

input device

Mouse – Mouse is a very essential input device used as an input pointing device. It allows you to control mouse device windows application dialog, select controls, process input, drag and drop windows, follow windows wizard. Where you can select any of the dialog controls, and apply them, choose between multiple tabs, on-off controls, and more than your basic need. Where today’s mouse can be connected to ps/2 or usb, bluetooth, or wireless ports. It could even be a wireless port, no matter what kind of mouse pointing device you attach or install on the current machine. But where each installed mouse device has a definite function and role when dealing with computer applications and their controls.

Webcam – Webcam is a popular input device. Which captures live streaming video and pictures. Where a video camera is used as an input device on a computer. A webcam device is used when conducting online chatting, video chatting, online meetings, or video conferences. Where the webcam previews your video, and shows a picture of a client sitting on the other side just as you would see a video of an individual sitting on the other side of the network. Even we can discuss any topic with a live webcam, or solve any question online on a small global scale with a video conferencing device. Where many of today’s websites offer an online video chat program. You can even connect directly to any online social community website, here you can be a member of Facebook, Twitter, link din, whatsapp, skype, wechat, or other online websites. Where the webcam is connected to a computer, laptop, notebook via USB port, even a built-in laptop, notebook, or ultrabook. Today’s webcam captures live pictures, records streaming video, and transfers video, etc. Even the webcam records voice video by attaching the microphone to the device during an online conversation.

Digital Camera – Digital Camera takes all types of live pictures used by photographers to take photos of any Picnic, Birthday, Wedding Ceremony, Any Background, Ceremony Occasion. With a digital camera, you record your important moments in your picnic tour. Use a digital camera to take a picture with a video recording feature to record live picture video. Digital cameras are used as input devices in computers. Where video is recorded, and edited easily with video editing software. Where it is used to connect the digital camera with PC via USB port or card reader to read digital camera flashcards. Even we can use digital camera pictures to share photos among friends, relatives, and colleagues. Through the computer, we can print digital camera picture edited pictures, edit new pictures, videos and many effects and much more you can do with recorded videos or pictures with video editing software.

Scanner – Use the scanner to scan any image, picnic photo, wedding image, photo, newspaper article, film pose, background, letter, any document text, content, and other text graphics-based, input information is the device used as the device. Where you can edit and modify the content of the scanned document information at any time with the relevant application software. Even the scanner converts any text graphics to the computer (digital format) instantly. Here you can send e-mail upload scan content to the world wide web via connected internet broadband network services. Now you can also use the scanner with supported technology to identify, authenticate, scan anyone.

Scanner type.

Touch Screen – A touch screen is a device used as an input device. Which enables you to touch menus, controls, options directly with a human finger. Where you select any option with your finger or touch pen. Where you can select any command option directly, and process it instantly from the touch-sensitive interface. Nowadays all modern tablets, smartphones, cellphones, touch laptops, notebooks, photocopier machines, medical touch gadgets, and other devices follow touch screen technology. Where it uses the finger of the human hand or a touch pen device for its operation and touch device sensitive control for its operation and control.

Light pen – Light pen is an input device. Which enables you to type text, select menus, option control dialogs, and perform Windows operations without a keyboard or mouse. Where the light pen is the same as any other pointing device. It even uses the pointer to point to any object and material on the touch screen device. Where any light pen is connected to the computer via PS/2 or USB port. You hold the connected light pen, the light pen in the finger of your hand. Now you can directly type or control any text select screen window and operation. Even the Light pen displays like a similar normal pen. But any LCD uses a light-sensitive method for operation.

Micr – abbreviated as micr (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) technology. where it is an input device. Which is used to read a particular pattern of characters, symbols, numbers, etc. When micr reads a document, the micr device used by the bank is used to check the special character printed on the cheque. It even checks the authenticity of the particular probe. It reads the document ink, and translates it as magnetic information. Where MICR uses special ink to read information from cheques, documents, and other similar document authentication.

OMR – abbreviated as OMR (Optical Mark Reader) is used for checking objective-type question answer sheets. Where it is most of today’s exam online students fill in the answer with a black pencil or black pen. Where the OMR device reads In Fill Rounded Circle. Where square shadow, as well as a check answer sheet, is read by OMR scanner. OMR device checks thousands of answer sheets in less time as compared to manual handwork. Because the answer key is already filled in the OMR machine. When some OMR sheet is inserted in the OMR sheet for scan. So its system automatically checks the correct/false fill circle values ​​and information and gives the result according to its filling answer.

Video capture device.

Bar Code Reader – Bar code reader is a special type of scanning input device. It is handheld device, which focuses the products on the printed bar. Where Bar Code scans or captures bar code information on newly purchased products or items. Where each time code scanner converts the bar code into a number or letter format. And the current bar code reader describes the digital specification information about the scanning device and its information when the user needs it.

Card Reader – A card reader is an internal-external input device. that stores, displays, writes or reads digital information to flashcards, cellphone memory cards, smartphones, digital cameras, handy cameras and other similar digital media devices. Where the card reader can be fixed to the PC, or used with an externally connected USB port. Now you can push mini and micro smart cards into the card reader slot to read, cut, copy, paste information between card reader smart cards or laptop, desktop computer hard drives. Where external card reader gives you variety of card slots used in digital media devices.

Microphone – is the microphone used as the input device. Where it reads the human voice directly, and converts it into electric form output to the speaker. Where every computer is a microphone device connected to a USB port. Even the wireless handheld device is on hold by Anker in any program. The microphone reads or digitizes the sound cast on the external output media into a digital form. Where a microphone is used with a microphone or separate microphones in computer headphones. Microphones are available where the anchor is used as a microphone, telephone, recording tape, cellphone recording device in a television program, and many more applications for the recording function. Where the microphone is normally used in a computer during online video chatting, online collaborative computing, text conversation, or chatting mode during video calling. Where you can hear the sender’s voice, and easily send your digital voice to the recipient’s address via the attached microphone device.

Touchpad – The touchpad is primarily an input device. Which is already fixed on a laptop or notebook computer. Where some smartphones refer to these as the primary touch-sensitive input sensor. Those who communicate with human touch and contact. Where human touch to move the application interface, control Windows features, functions, controls, Windows dialogs, dialog boxes, application menus, and other functions with it. In general, many touchpads manufacturers make touchpads with right-click even a horizontal-vertical scroll function included as well. Currently, all modern touch devices use the touchpad as the pointing device. Which replaces mouse device controls. They even serve as similar pointing devices for selecting the text, controlling dialogs, and windows, or entering commands.

Data gloves – Data gloves are a common input device. Which works as a mouse or touchpad device. Where the sensor senses normal data in the glove, or is operated by the finger of the human hand. When human data communicates with gloves on. It even creates a stir in software typical of computer desktop windows. Now you can control any virtual image, scan the image, implement specific controls, and menu operations in specific software with robotic motion handy data glove tools.

Joystick – A joystick is a popular pointing input device similar to a mouse. Which are commonly used for playing normal and three-dimensional video games. Where you connect joystick device to computer via ps/2 or usb port. Now you can start any game, and drag the joystick level/lever from all directions. The joystick control movement of gameplay keeps the joystick level/lever in hand, now you move it from all sides according to play game movement. The joystick base has a joystick lever rotate lever orientation, which moves from all directions. You can even go backward in an up-down direction. Where joystick technology is used in the aviation industry to control the operation of an airplane includes computing technology to control the operation and control of a computer device.

Graphic Tablet – Graphic tablet is a special input device. This enables you to create any scene, sketch, design, diagram, and other images directly with the help of a touch pen input device. Where a graphics tablet consists of an electronic tablet and a cursor/pen. Now the artist can create the desired graphics to use Pen Moment with Print View. And the user can modify it in the existing electronic design graphics and design. Computer photo makers, artists, animation photo makers, or drawing design artists use this range of graphic tablet devices to create great and stunning graphic images on the needs of the clients.

What is output device.

Output device – Output device belongs to or is responsible for the category of displaying the result of an input device. which produces the result of text and information. Where each output device is designed/manufactured for specific purposes in computer technology. Here some output devices produce results. Where some output devices are used as input as well as output devices during the use and control of these categories of devices.

Example of output device.

Monitor – Monitor is a popular old CRT output device in personal computer technology. Where today’s monitors have been completely replaced by LCD (liquid crystal display), LED (light-emitting diode), and plasma output technology. Where each monitor has a CRT (cathode ray tube), and builds up a picture based on pixels (picture element). When electric light is focused on the crt, the two horizontal and vertical deflection plates transfer the electric rays onto the electrons. Where Electron communicates with its hardware components to create live visuals. Finally, it generates high-resolution output input using text or information. While creating any type of scene, text, and background based on RGB (Red, Green, Black) color also three color codes are used in crt device.

LCD – LCD for short (Liquid Crystal Display) is an output device. The LCD output device is a new invention in computer technology. Which is completely replacing the old CRT monitor technology. Where LCD is smaller in size, consumes less power, has less weight, has sharper performance, consumes minimum space to display on a flat table or desk. Even it can easily hang on the wall at the home, offices, buildings, and other places. Even today the popular LCD and LED in the computer market use this technology to upgrade your machine.

LED – abbreviated as LED (light-emitting diode) technology used in modern television sets and computer monitors LED devices. Where LED resolution and performance are better than LCD, LED contrast, color accuracy, view angle, power, size, and cost less than LCD. Where LED devices have become the need of the market for today’s buyers. Because at this time this output technology is continuously increasing. And most hardware monitor manufacturers design or manufacture fixed LED monitor screens as the output devices.

Plasma – Plasma television is that output device. Which is used in entertainment to watch live television serials, movies, news, sports, and other live broadcast information on a computer. where plasma tv preview flat panel screen television set displays. Plasma is a popular output device in the market these days, and is available in sizes and above 32” inches. Where plasma television’s picture and video viewing quality is better than other television sets. Even at home or office, it has become easy to use these media for just entertainment purposes.

Printer – The printer is a popular output device. Which is commercially recommended for all of them. Those who need to print documents, letters, graphics, and other textual materials. Where your printer can be directly connected to the computer via LPT or USB port. When buying a new personal computer, you have a choice of three types of printers for home and personal use. Here you can buy an inkjet printer, but you also have the option of buying a new inkjet and laser printer. As discussed above, these types of printers fall into the commercial category, or are installed on a large scale for producing high-quality graphics, text, and printed materials. Where each printer prints softcopy data into hard copy size information.

Plotter – Plotter is a popular output media device. It can be used to produce extremely large graphical images, graphics, advertisements and brochures, wall ads, flex board ads, and any graphics images in large size or scale with the best high resolution and large size. Where not every printer is capable of producing the maximum size of picture and graphic. Hence the plotter device is used. Where personal computer design plotters edit advertisements and graphics while sending them for print. Where a small plotter device pen draws a continuing image on a paper size chosen by the user. Simply here the plotter is a high-quality device where high-resolution printers are used to produce prints of the maximum size of the print material. Even commercial use of plotter to design CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is extensively used in company advertising and holding large-scale commercial billboards banners on any wall, building, or other places. Where you can use a plotter device to print large size graphics on paper or plastic banner paper.

Projector – A projector is a useful output device. Which is used to present preview meeting presentation video, images, text, animation, multimedia objects, content on a large screen with a maximum cover of client viewer list for company, industry, an organization in company hall, or any occasion. Where this projector device is connected to the computer CPU or television push to the CPU cable in the television or projector. This projector even focuses the laser beam onto a flat large wall white cloth surface. Where it depends on your project, or how much space is covered by the used projector resolution size. Where you can see picture and graphic product size by projector display at maximum level, connect additional speaker and large area cover by your projector device during preview, or play some multimedia and text object information in meeting or conference hall.

Speaker – Speaker is a commonly used output device. Which plays audio-video sound from the computer to the speaker. The speaker is connected to the sound port of the audio jack on the rear of the computer motherboard. The sound chip codec installed in the motherboard decides the sound, and previews it by attaching the speaker device to the sound or audio format. Where it depends on what kind of speaker you have installed from your personal computer. Where the primary role of each speaker is to produce the sound of any multimedia object being played. For example, audio, video, animation, sound, and other types of system sounds are easy to hear with the speaker.

Television – Television is a popular entertainment output device. Which fully entertain you in watching Movies, Serial, News, Audio, Video, Animated objects. You can now connect to the television with the VGA, DVI, or HDMI ports provided on your personal computer. And the available monitors can produce a better resolution of the screen display. Where the television produces the high definition video picture quality available on new generation HDMI television sets. Where the size of the LCD monitor is restricted. But television sizes are available in much larger sizes than LCD monitors. So, you get a screen with a better and bigger screen resolution. Here television becomes the essential equipment for entertainment from television sets at home, office, and other places. Even it is used as an output device. When it connects directly to any PC.

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