What Is C Programming.

Introduction to programming.

C programming is a popular programming language developed and designed by dennis m. Ritchie in the year 1972. Now or in today, c programming is a more popular programming language among students, engineers, developers, and designers. Where c programming is the commercial use of c programming to create a large-scale program boot loader operating system kernel coding, project classes, arrays, functions, linked lists, stacks, queues, file handling, typedef, structs, union type programs, c are created in programming itself. The most popular os in the world, which was built in c programming. That is, unix, linux windows, and popular os have been developed in c programming only. Where c programming is a complete upgrade version of the previously released b language. The “b” programming created by ken thomson in 1970 was upgraded with a new version of c programming in 1980. Where many of its concepts and syntax were used in java programming in 1993 in a c++ redesigned c++ oops concept upgrade by b stroustrup. After a long time in the year 2000, microsoft company started the project name visual studio and created new programming syntax languages ​​from many old programming languages. Which were compiled together in visual studio. Pronounced c# (c sharp) similar features of c programming have been retained. Whose names in today’s modern programming environment are c++, c#, java.NET, features c programming in visual studio 2010, 2015 and continues to this day.

Development of c programming.

Name Year

Algol programming -1960

Cpl programming – 1963

Bcpl programming -1967

B language – 1970

C language – 1972

C++ programming – 1980

Java programming – 1993

C # programming – 2000

C++ .Net – 2000

C # .Net – 2000

Computation model – the computation model applies all problem conditions to any programming problem solution. With the help of the computation model any developer, designer, or programmer, build a holistic view of the problem related with the computation model. Programmer solver will problem solve the existing programming problem easily with many options and conditions available.

The basic model of computation – basic model of computation the c programming user solver drives any programming computation model with dignity. The computation model allows the initial stage of solving any problem with a solution. First, take any project now understand every aspect of a programming problem, and choose the method with a series of steps to solve the problem module including algorithms, flow charts, and programming. Provide you with many easy solutions related to problems. Counting models understand and describe all the steps involved during follow-up. So it depends on the problem-solver, which medium and process are followed during solver. Count objects, and process all logic-related problem searches.

Step involve during problem solving problem-solving is a method of art and science. Which is suitable for dealing with any logical situation, many programmers follow a routine step during problem-solving. But some programmers do their work there, they create their own model to solve the problem. It depends, on the programmer which step one follows to face the problem.

Problem-solving method.

  • First of all now what is a programming problem, you know everything about the related problems, and how many solutions are available for an existing programming problem. And which one is the best enough solution for the current problem solution. Spend too much time on the problem and wait until you find the solution.
  • Begin declaring data types, variables, operators, and keywords, require during programming problem-solving. Create a one-by-one variable for problem-solving, even declare it in programming first.
  • Visualize taking into account the production of existing problem solutions. Then build the object needed for the current problem.
  • Programmer the developer/designer chooses the programming language. Which fulfills the need of that programmer developer there. Programmers find many programming software options available. Some are cui and some are gui programming based. Now analyze the problem from top to bottom and start building program coding with desired programming software choice.
  • You must test the client software before you distribute the client/customer design software. Program performance your program is working fine. Detects any program debug errors while working the function and outputs.
  • Receive feedback related design program, and make changes to software programming logic code from time to time as per the requirement of each customer/client.

There are four steps involved in solving any problem.

Whats the problem exist – first of all advice by c developer beginners and expert programmers, understand deeply what kind of programming problem you are going to tackle. Now understand the programming problem and know that if you are alone, or discuss the problem among the team. So what is the solution available for the related problem. All programmers and developers, now you find many solutions according to many programmers, everyone gives you many suitable solutions. Before starting any software project something which you will keep or imagine in your mind during the solution. If you have spent maximum time on any programming problem. So you will know better than ever about the problem encountered in programming logic.

Imagine problem overview – when you think about the problem of a program. So you imagine the problem. Now let us consider how the program works, what kind of input-output options for the program, what menu functions will be needed during problem-solving, how the program behaves, where the fault occurs, and during the development of the program imagine what kind of problem is faced by the programmer, how the user deals with the program, and what kind of error is debugged while running the program. Visualize or visualize in your mind where the mistake has happened, and where the design program needs to be changed.

List the input and output preferences – list the input-output variables required by the current program. Now you decide which variable will be placed in which place, where you decide the role of all the input-output variables in the program. How many types of variables are needed for the current program? What type of data type is required for the variable. Provide all convertible roles in the program. Now decide how the input and output variables behave during program execution.

Develop program logic – this is a major step in programming development. Program logic decides how the current program functions. In logic programmer step set logic play role is involved as per program. The program flow statement is set to create logic or multiple condition statements. As is involved in program logic. All decisions that are necessary to make a decision.

Testing and debugging – testing and debugging techniques involve the process of thoroughly examining the design program source before delivering it to the customer. Check all program logic function source functions properly in the test process. But the debugging process is different from testing, accurately finding program errors in debugging in the test program.

Terminate program – termination refers to the final stage of program design output. Terminate indicates that all program functions are behaving properly. Program production requires output, and requires complete customer satisfaction.

Algorithms – algorithms are a set of programming logic composite sequences. The algorithm is a suitable solution to the given problem. The algorithm briefly describes the problem solving, which consists of a one-by-one troubleshooting step.

Advantages of using algorithms.

  • The questions related to the program are easy to understand, reflecting the effective communication between the elements of the program.
  • Any program problem algorithm is written in the english language. So anyone can easily understand it.
  • Batter implements logic condition program flow becomes easy for program analyzer.
  • Blueprint of the design program can be prepared before program creation in algorithms.
  • The algorithmic process makes debugging and testing programs easier for any program.
  • Upgrade program maintenance easier, any programming logic, condition, and statement can be easily solved or understood after analyzing the algorithm.
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