Type of Computer Programming.

Popular Computer Programming.

# Visual Basic – Visual Basic Programming Concepts VB is a third-generation event-driven programming language introduced by Microsoft company in 1991. Visual Basic programming concepts have been generated on the basis of BASIC programming language. The user interface programming concept in Visual Basic Programming is the drag and drop method. Which means any new programming developer can also do software, windows, dialog, or control programming by drag and drop. Visual Basic is a graphical user interface-based development software developed by John McEnany. This allows you to RAD (Rapid Application Development Import Database from Microsoft Access and other programming methods to support software development by importing backhand databases. In today’s new name redesign and new format born Visual Basic called vb. net software. A project started by Microsoft company in the year 2000. It simplified the basic visual programming concept. And many other high-level programs along with Visual Basic programming were launched and merged into the new Visual Studio software and is it is going till now.

# Visual Basic.Net – Visual Basic.NET Upgrade Version by Microsoft Company The new release takes all the function features structure derived from Visual Basic programming based on the Concept Object-Oriented Programming method or extends the existing Visual Basic.NET programming capabilities immensely. which implements the .net framework .Net framework allows for globalization of application code, and shared project code between multiple clients. The two main releases of Visual Basic .net are Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Visual Basic Express Edition Both versions allow you to build robust client-server enterprise company standalone level application development support.

Different version release of

  • Visual Basic Studio 2000
  • Visual Basic Studio 2002
  • Visual Studio 2003
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Visual Studio 2019

# Asp – ASP abbreviated as Active Server Pages, supports the concept features and structure of traditional HTML programming for developed web pages. ASP Call Server Side Scripting Create a web page in the programming language Notepad and save it as ASP Classic and Classic ASP ASP with the ASP extension ASP Call. The feature of the component object model is that, it compiles the libraries dll into the website. Now a new version of for server client-side mostly developed website web page format is present.

Version of

  • Asp 2.0
  • Asp 3.0
  • Asp 4.7.1
  • Asp 4.7.2
  • Asp 4.8
  • Asp 5 RC1

# Java – Java is an object-oriented programming language. Which is completely feature function structure derived programming of C and C++ programming. Where the programmer follows most of the programming logic and syntax in C and C++ programming. The source code of the Java program is compiled into byte code, and the Java program is launched and created in any JVM (Java Virtual Machine). In Java programming specially designed for coding Microwave, VCR, Firmware Chip, Circuit. But nowadays there are new releases of Java used in software development, web development, and others.

Java program syntax.

Public class Hellojava


Public static void main (String [] args) {

System.out.println (“\n welcome to java”);



Version of java programming.

  • Jdk 1.0
  • Jdk 1.1
  • J2se 1.2
  • J2se 1.3
  • J2se 1.4
  • J2se 5.0
  • Java se 6
  • Java se 7
  • Java se 8
  • Java se 9
  • Java se 10
  • Java se 11
  • Java se 12
  • Java se 13
  • Java se 14
  • Java se 15
  • Java se 16
  • Java se 17
  • Java se 18

# COBOL – COBOL is one of the oldest programming languages. Which was widely used in the mid-1960s in commercial government agencies, private organizations, companies, schools, universities, etc. COBOL in short form (in the early 1960s COBOL was popular in general business-oriented language industry business administrative finance other business activities. We can say that today we are using finance software like Tally, NetStock, and others for business and finance. Similarly, COBOL programming was also used at that time for similar purposes.

$ set sourceformat”free1″

identification division.

program-id. shortestprogram.

procedure division.


display “welcome to cobol programming “.

stop run.

Version of COBOL programming.

  • COBOL-68
  • COBOL-74
  • COBOL-85
  • Cobol 2002

# Lisp – Lisp is a traditional programming language. Lisp is another high-level programming language. Lisp programming was developed and designed for mathematical problem-solving. Even Lisp is mostly used in artificial intelligence programming. Where the programmer predicts what happened and how about any problem in the future. At that time, university laboratories used Lisp for mathematical formulas. Lisp programming was developed by John McCarthy in 1958 at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). You get support operators and other programming functions in Lisp programming.

# Perl – Perl is a high level commonly used programming language. Perl programming is completely influenced by C programming syntax. Shell Scripting, Awake, C++, Unix, Pascal, and Perl were launched in 1987 and developed and designed by Larry Wall. Perl programming ran on any cross-platform compute at that time.

#Fortran – abbreviated as FORTRAN (Formula Translation) Programming Language. Specially designed by John Backus in 1957 with the IBM (International Business Management) company. FORTRAN is specially designed for mathematical formula solutions with fast process high-performance methods. In those days Fortran was used by many university labs to solve math problems by college students.

# Php – Personal Home Page in short form PHP is a server-side scripting web page design language. Which is developed for dynamic web page design creation. PHP follows HTML embedded code. Php was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1995. Php is a gpl based free download software. Which supports Windows Linux / BSD / Unix / Mac OS platforms. You can configure it properly, and then design the desired web page website in it.

Syntax of php.

<!DOCTYPE html>
echo “welcome to My first PHP scripting language program !”;

# Python – Python is mostly open-source operating system-supported programming. Like used in Unix / Linux / Android operating systems. Python is a high level commonly used programming language. Developed by Guido van Rossum in the 1991 era. Windows users can also install and use Python on the Microsoft Windows platform. Python programming works at several functional levels. Like procedural object-oriented programming, a structured programming language is a scripting language. Python includes garbage collection for variable memory management.

# C++ – C++ is a programming language. Which is completely inspired by C programming. The C++ Borrowing Concept Feature Syntax describes the C++ oops (object-oriented programming system) concept similar to C programming. c++ c++ is a general-purpose programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1980. Which combines the features of low-level language and high-level language .c++ design. And made in Bell Lab. Important features of C++ are the classes it introduces. C++ can be run on different platforms windows linux unix mac or others. The C++ class function provides facilities like arrays, file handling, inheritance, polymorphism, etc.

Syntax of c++ programming .

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main ()


cout << “welcome to c++ programing !”;

return 0;


# C – C programming is a general-purpose programming language. Which was originally designed and developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. Inspired by the B language created by Ken Thompson in 1970. C programming was developed at Bell Laboratories in California C Programming. In C programming we work with arrays, union typedef structure pointer file handling loop, and many other hidden concepts. Build C Programming Project Application Software Operating System Kernel Coding With Boot Loader Game And Many Other C Programming. Nowadays C programming is much more popular among engineer developers student scientists and even other computer users.

Syntax of c program.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()


printf( “\n welcome to c programing ! ” );

return 0;


# Awak – awak is mainly used in Unix and Linux operating systems. Awake is a general-purpose programming language. For the first time, awak programming appears in the market in the year 1977. And it is developed and designed by a group of three people. Whose name is Alfred Aho, Peter Weinberger, or Brian Kernighan. awak programming can be used in multi-cross platform operating systems. awak is mainly influenced by C programming. It is a concept borrowed from C programming, the Bourne shell. Awake Support Variable Method Syntax Operators etc. are pre-installed with any Linux version by default.

# Shell – Shell is a command interrupter. Like the Windows DOS shell, the shell accepts commands for a new task and is built into a class of shell commands used for some shell operations. It is also used as a script to write the scripting language of the program logic along with the shell programming method. Various types of Unix/Linux shells The shell developed in Windows DOS, Power Shell is also popularly known as Administrator Shell. The popular Unix shells are the C shell, the Korn shell, and the Bourne shell, there are several versions of the shell.

# FoxPro – FoxPro programming is a collection of several programming features. With Foxpro software, you can create tables, forms, queries, reports, labels, memos, programs, classes, menus, projects, databases, text files, etc. In earlier times Foxpro was used as a text-based queuing command-based language. These factors were taken into account by Microsoft developers when designing Visual FoxPro in 1984. Now Foxpro DBMS is used for data manipulation. In FoxPro, you create database tables, and manage relationships between multiple FoxPro objects. FoxPro software runs on Mac and Windows operating systems. After the year 2007, Microsoft company closed it. When many other most advanced language dbms software appears in the market. For example, there is sql, mysql, oracle, excel 2013, ms access 2013, etc.

Foxpro program syntex.

set talk off
accept “enter your name =” to nam
input “enter your age = ” to age
accept ” enter your city =” to city
? “the name is = ” ,nam
? “the age is ” ,age
? ” the city is ” ,city

# Vc ++ – VC++ is in the form of Visual C++ or MVC++ (Microsoft Visual C++). It is an improved version of C++ programming with new features and technology concept support. Basic programming like ide (Integrated Development Environment) has VC++ support facilities. Visual C++ is completely redesigned by Microsoft Developer Team with ide or .net technology support. The concepts and methods used in Visual C++, and C++ are followed. Visual Programming Development Form Environment. Now VC++ is pre-installed with Visual Studio. Visual c++ supports only the windows platform. Creates programs in vc++ gui or cui method.

# Ada – ADA programming appears in the programming world in 1980. ADA combines the features of structured and high-level language features. Developed and designed by Jean Ichabia of CII Honeywell Bull, the ADA for US Defense Services was used by the United States Defense. Ada provides some special security programming features.

#Prolog – Prolog is in the mean of programming logic. is a general-purpose logic programming language. Prolog is artificial intelligence used to find computational linguistic solutions. Predicts the logic of the future. Before the year 1970, Prolog was designed by Alain Colmerauer in Marseille, France.

#Java Script – Java Script is used as an interpreted scripting language. Java Script is known as a client-side server-side scripting language. Java Script is a part of Java. Developed and designed by Netscape Communication Corporation appears on the market in 1995. Commercial Use of Java Script Created Functions, Modules, Programming Based Web Pages Developed Language C or C++ Programming by Full Impact on JavaScript programming. Java Script is a web browser-based scripting language. Which runs on Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and other web browsers.

Java script example.

<!DOCTYPE html>



<h1>My First Web Pagein java script </h1>

<script language=”java script”>

document.write(“<p>My First JavaScript</p>”);

document.write(“<p>Learn JavaScript</p>”);




#Vb ScriptVB Script (Visual Basic) is an active scripting language developed and designed by Microsoft company. VB Script is completely influenced by the Visual Basic language. VB Script combines web browser features with programming syntax method controls. VB Script also combines Visual Basic with HTML programming features.

# C#.Net – C# is known as Sharp Advance Version or a combination of c c++ programming concepts. C# is a multi-paradigm programming language. C# is completely developed and redesigned by Microsoft Dot Net Team Developer. Build console-based application programs in C# even with graphical windows idea form-based general or advanced controls. C# became popular in the year 2000 when Microsoft combined many different programming into a single .NET project. In addition, it combines the features of the C, C++ or Visual Basic programming language.

# Assembly – Assembly is the programming language popular in the year 1970. It is a low-level language for computer programming. Assembly language works on different machine computer architectures, assembly level programming products generate the output of any machine assembly language code compiled by the assembler. An assembler is a utility software, or program, that converts assembly language code into a higher language. Each assembly language code is called a mnemonic, or assembler. There are two types of one pass and two pass assemblers for higher language conversion for assembly language.

#Machine Language – is the machine language that is directly understood by the computer circuit. Machine language does not require any conversion to machine code. The machine language reads the binary code in 0,1 format, and does not interrupt the operation. Al information process by circuit register, no need for compiled conversion. Machine language code does not have to be translated into machine language like higher languages. The computer reads it directly.

# F# sharp – F # is pronounced as F sharp open source programming language. F sharp is used on multiple operating systems. F# was developed by the Software Foundation in 2005. Specifically, this programming is used with Java Script.

# J# sharp – pronounced as J Sharp programming language. J# is included with Microsoft. Net Project Visual Studio is installed automatically. J# programming language, Java, and J# are similar. J# works on byte code, and source code, such as Java, appears in J#. J# was launched in the market in the year 2002, J# programming is inspired by Java and Visual J++ programming.

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