Most Used Popular Internet Messenger And Social Media Platform.

Most used popular internet messenger and social media platform.

Irc – irc is abbreviated as internet relay chat. Where it is a popular online group and single user chat internet network system. Which was developed by jarko okarinen in finland in the year 1980-1988. Where it soon became a popular chat application in the field of computer networking. In those days one needed to communicate with each other through text conversations. So they used irc client applications to send and receive text-based messages between irc servers or clients with irc client software. For this, you had to download the irc client software from the irc client software official website. You can even find it on download by searching the irc chat application on the world’s no.1 google search engine. Which will show you many online search irc software linked pages. Here download the link to the actual location of your irc website, and configure the required application settings. After you configure the proper account application settings, you can start text-based conversations in groups or with single users around the world. Where irc company designs irc application software for all platforms. It is even available to download for mac, windows, unix, linux, or android operating systems nowadays. When the irc client sends a text-based conversation message, the irc server here is responsible for delivering the message between the correct or requested participating, clients. Here both the sender and the irc message receiver client must be connected to the irc server at the same time during the text conversation. Where you send a text message between one or more irc clients at the same time. But here all the message receiving clients must be present in the same chat room.

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Yahoo messenger – yahoo messenger is more popular among yahoo users all over the world. When facebook, twitter were not so popular. When yahoo messenger was more popular. Where yahoo messenger was created by yahoo company in 1998. In short, it is called (ym), where yahoo messenger soon became more popular among internet users. Because yahoo messenger gave you the ability to text communications, video conference with a phone call, internet radio, even multiple system file transfer features. Where it shows you all the new inbox mail from the recipients/receivers. Keep instant messages in the tracklist when you are offline. Where you get different categories of chat rooms available in yahoo messenger according to culture, environment, interest. Now here you choose the desired chat room and log in to the chat room with the given yahoo key. Where yahoo messenger is available for download on the company’s website. After download, you need a yahoo account user id and password to log in to yahoo messenger services. Even yahoo messenger provides the facility to send a phone call, make video calls, make phone calls between pc to cell phone like other popular messengers.

Rediff messenger – rediff bol messenger is developed and published by the rediffmail organization. Where rediff bol messenger functions similarly to other available social chatting client software platforms. Where rediff bol messenger allows you to chat with rediffmail users in the same chat room. But at the same time, both use rediffmail account id and password. Even both should be available in the same room during the text conversation. Generally, rediff messenger is specially designed for all those users. Those who want to establish text-based communication over short or long distances. Where the big advantage of rediff messenger in those days was that it allowed full-text conversations without having to pay any huge amount like payment during cellphone made calls.

Windows live messenger – windows messenger is produced and supported by the microsoft organization. Where we know, that windows messenger is the replacement of microsoft windows msn messenger. Where it is abbreviated as (wlm) for windows live messenger. Windows live messenger provides the same functionality as other instant messaging application services in this software. It even gets automatically loaded in windows 7 and 8 operating systems. Even windows phone system, manages graphics for chatting with windows. Where users from this application receive and send messages between one or more clients at the same time. Where windows live messenger software provides interoperability between wlm, yahoo, facebook, windows sky drive.

Pidgin – pidgin is the open-source messenger application software. which is default automatically installed on most of linux, unix, and other open sources operating system platform. that permits its user to communicate online with many users in various language and text communication techniques. where you will be part of a pidgin group member and talk with each other users, use various kinds of language tools to communicate and sharing text information when use pidgin messenger. here before you properly use it configure pidgin account settings. where you must have an online user id and password of any account to log in as pidgin authorized the user. now you can access the list of buddies into the pidgin chat list include became part of the pidgin user network.

Skype – skype is an instant messaging app. Which use to make voice calls, video calls, text chats. Skype video call software is free internet call online and offline download application software. Where you can download it from the official website of skype. Here in skype software, you can make voice, video, text instant messages, data, and file transfers easier with skype software around the world. Here anyone can download it free of any charges. Anyone can download this instant messaging application, or use it online, from the google or skype website. Even skype download link is available for windows, mac, linux, even the android operating system platforms. You then need to register on the skype website to receive a username and password to make low-cost free skype calls to any cell phone number. Where you can download it for your desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, ultra-book, even cell phone. Remember, you will need a high-speed internet connection to share communication resources during skype communication otherwise it displays transmission delay error.

Voip – voip is a technology abbreviated as voice over internet protocol. This is a new data over voice technology. Which allows people to communicate simultaneously through communication between two connected users worldwide. Uses internet technology to transmit text information into voice signals or data. Where they use voip technology based on the old pstn (public switched telephone network). Which is reliable for transmitting data in a computer in digital form. even use voip applications to talk and create online communication over long distances or in your areas. Where the best advantage of using voip technology is to talk around the world at low prices. Where normal cellphones, telephones, call rates are high, and if you use voip apps. So all you need is high-speed internet technology to access its services and controls.

We chat – wechat software designed by a chinese company is online chatting cellphone software specially used for smart cell phones. Where in wechat you get features including instant messaging, voice, video call, file transfer services, photo, audio, video sharing capability. For example, yahoo, rediff, skype, irc, and other messaging applications have software. Where you can download it from the website of any cell phone capable of handling internet services. Even you can install wechat apps in android, nokia, samsung, spice, windows cellphone, apple iphone, blackberry, based smartphones. Where you need a user account and password to make wechat calls and instant messaging over free voice call communication in this app. You are in regular touch with this app as well as social networking clients, and anytime while on the go, you can speak or receive share text.

Line – developed by line corporation, line has become a popular smart cellphone instant messaging app. Where line messenger is a free application available for smartphones. After proper installation of line messenger, you can exchange text, messages, pictures at the same time with other line clients on the online internet system. One can even make video calls, transfer voices with voip calls, manage video conferences. Where the advantage of using a line messaging system is to exchange a graphics message between one or more individual users with free text, audio, video, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. It even gives you the line striker and spirit. which represents your communication behavior during the online messaging system. One can even download it from its website, and access its features.

Facebook – facebook is the most popular social media discussion group or global online chat platform in today’s world. Which is the third most used social media network website in the world today. Which puts you online in touch with your friends, relatives, co-workers, partners, business associates, staff, employees, and others in your group. With facebook, you can share text messages, share posts, make calls, create video conferences, share files, folders, images, audios, videos, and other objects. Here you create a new group client post a new article, read the existing article, like or dislike a post, share your personal feelings. and share social understanding among connected clients and more.

Twitter – twitter is also another popular social media connectivity website or platform. Where people chat together or communicate online. On twitter, you can share text message messages singly or in a group by creating an online legal user account. Where it is similar to wechat, line, facebook, and other popular categories of text-based online chatting software. On twitter, you can tweet or post a message to anyone to answer a question. Where you are able to send and receive twitter user message text limit up to 140 characters per message. You even need an internet twitter connection valid user id and password to access twitter services.

Linkedin – linkedin is specifically designed or developed for those in need. who communicate with each other online professionally. Where it allows you, business professionals, to share your comments, texts, messages, and business activity. Only linkedin registered members can access the services of the linkedin online service. Where you must be a registered member of linkedin services before using it. The linkedin services on the linkedin platform should have updated and easy-to-maintain professional contacts. You share your professionalism, opinions, ideas, and opportunities with business partner professionals or associates.

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