5 Valuable Tips for Students to Improve Their Writing Skills in English

Excellent writing skills in English come from constant practice, learning, and hard work. No one is born a great writer. They always learn something new, and it takes a lot of work and practice to learn how to write well in English.

If you are a student who doesn’t know how to improve your English writing, then this post will be helpful for you.

Let’s dive in.

5 Useful Tips for Students to Improve Their English Writing Skills

Here are five useful tips for students to improve their English writing skills.

1. Make a Habit of Writing Daily

We often hear that practice makes perfect. To improve your writing skills in English, the first step that you have to follow is to build a habit of writing daily. In starting, it will be difficult because you will make too many mistakes, but those mistakes will also help you to learn from them.

Writing any piece of content daily just not only gives you a good grip on English but also improves your grammar and other punctuation mistakes like missing a full stop or forgetting to add a comma.

So, if you will able to develop a good habit of writing daily, it can help you to improve your English writing.

2. Read Others’ Content Regularly

The next tip that can help students to improve their writing skills is to read books, blogs, articles, papers, essays, literature, or any other content pieces.

Reading is the best way to improve your writing skills because when you read someone else’s content, you notice how the writer has written it, how they structure the sentences, and how they utilize punctuation properly.

Other than that, when you develop a habit of writing one piece of content daily, then you have to read your article by yourself. It will help you to notice your mistakes.

If you don’t read your writing, then how would you be able to learn from your mistakes? Remember, only writing cannot improve your English skill. There is also a need to read the content.

3. Paraphrase Your Writing

This is an easy and reliable tip that can help you to improve your writing skills. How paraphrasing improves writing skills? Paraphrasing is the process in which we use different words to explain something.

Writing Skills in English

As you can see above, both paragraphs have the same meaning, but the latter one is written in different words. With paraphrasing, you will be able to learn new vocabulary, and it will also help you in improving your writing skills.

You can also use online tools that can paraphrase the content for free, and you don’t need to do anything. Paraphrasing tool uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology that scans the given text and paraphrases it in different words without altering its original meaning. Along with this, they also improve the readability of the content by shortening synonyms and changing some difficult words with easy synonyms.

There are hundreds of paraphrasing tools available on the internet. Some of them are paid, which offers some premium features, and some of them are free.

For students, a paraphrasing tool free is the best option if they want to improve their writing skills.

Writing Skills in English

In a paraphrasing tool free, all of the premium features are available for every user, especially for students and writers. You don’t have to pay anything to get access to their premium features.

So, it is up to you which option you will choose to paraphrase your text, as both will help you in improving your English writing.

4. Look for Grammar Errors

To improve your writing, you should have knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Most students get lower grades on their academic papers due to their grammar and spelling mistakes.

When you are writing a piece of content, there will be chances of these errors found in your text. These grammatical errors can literally change the whole context.

To correct these errors, you have to check your content for grammar. You can correct these errors by manually checking or by doing an online grammar check. When you have completed your writing, you need to read your content or academic paper to notice your grammar errors.

Writing Skills in English

Manually checking and correcting grammar mistakes can be difficult, but it will help you a lot in improving your skills. The alternative, i.e., an online grammar check, is much easier. However, in manual checking, you will be able to notice misplaced or misused punctuation marks or any other spelling error. If they are found in your text, then make sure to correct them.

If you’re facing any difficulty in doing the above step, you can conduct a grammar check with an online tool. These tools use advanced AI that scans the text and detects errors and gives you options to replace them with the correct ones.

So, this is how you can check the grammar in your content and correct it, which will help you in improving your writing skills in English.

5. Take a Free Online Course on Writing

One of the best ways to improve your English writing is to take an online course. A lot of universities or institutions are offering writing lessons for students, and they have made these lessons available online for everyone, for free.

You can search for any course that is available for free on the Internet. Here are a few best English writing courses for you:

  • English Grammar & Essay Writing (By University of California)
  • English Writing Lesson (By Oxford English Online)
  • English Writing Skills (By Alison)

You can choose any one of them, and they will surely help you in improving your writing skills in English.


This post was all about tips that can help students to improve their English writing skills. We have answered this question with five valuable tips. The first thing that you have to do is, build a habit of writing one article daily. After completing your writing, don’t forget to read it.

You can also read someone else content, which will help you to improve your learning as well as writing skills. Another way that students can use to improve their writing is by using online paraphrasers, which is quite a good option to learn fast.

The last tip was to take a free or paid course available on the Internet. These courses are provided by universities or other educational institutes.

We hope this topic will help you to improve your writing skills in English.

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