Growth of internet

Growth of the Internet.

Growth of the internet.

Internet is continuously spreading day and night all over the world. The internet community is making the world community literate all over the world, or a common person, who is related to interconnecting information technology or working with technology. At present, more internet resources are being used on desktops, laptops, and cell phones. Where multiple internet users are managing global information through local and global network technology connections. Where the internet has become more popular among professionals, engineers, laymen, individuals, students, even all global communities, etc. Nowadays most of the work is done with the help of computer technology, artificial intelligence, or a machine. As such, after the use of the internet in computer technology, it becomes more popular with information easily accessible. Where as of june 2012 internet users were 2336 million 33.3 percent of the world’s population. And it is now increasing in great size every day now. Which is being used by anyone for their commercial and non-commercial purpose.

Growth of the internet

The internet is the world’s largest growing dynamic network. Which connects million, billion, large and small local and global connected networks in global network village. Where you attach and use a computer on your connected desktop, cellphone and laptop to the internet. There is no clear information or conclusion about internet ownership here. Where because internet technology is not controlled and operated by any particular government, organization, industry, or country. Where the internet is also a disconnected network, or a small segment network. Which interconnects with it through the internet, extranet, many small personal networks. Where the internet was actually a small network designed or built by the arpanet usa defense services in early 1964. Even the internet used to function only under the supervision or governance of some group by large agencies or companies. Those who sell, or buy, telecommunications technology for use at that time for public-private or educational purposes.

Anatomy of the internet.

The term internet anatomy refers to physical body structures or internet worldwide connectivity. Where all elements work with networking terms. We already know that the internet is a globally spread network. Therefore, any legal internet user uses many of the services from connected network services in the context of the internet’s applications, utilities, or web-enabled features.

Anatomy of internet elements.

Application of the internet.

Surfing – the features of internet surfing enable you to search the world wide web content online, search online web resources, find interesting url links, spend too much time online or search for desired interesting topics on the world wide web. where you can jump back and forth between internet web topics on the internet, or jump back and forth between two or more web sites via internet connectivity.

Downloading – downloading refers to copying online web server content from the server to the client system from any web server connected online. Where download features transfer files and data in your system from server to client or client to server to a new dedicated ftp location. Here download indicates the duration of time to send or receive online web resources in client or server architecture download web browser. When your system is properly connected to the dedicated web server, then you can copy or download online data, files, folders, images, movies, audios, etc. objects to your computer live from the web ftp link.

Upload – the term uploading online refers to the transmission of a file from a client computer location to a server computer location on the internet. Here in the context of internet networks or internet users, these terms are sometimes used to refer to uploads. In basic words, when the user transfers some information online from his computer to another computer, posted or live from his computer. So it’s called the upload process, and you post some text, audio, video, multimedia, document, and other information to the server machine via any ftp server or web server on the requested client. It means upload. Here in terms of the uploading and downloading process, your computer’s internet network speed plays an important role. When users are ready to upload. If the current internet network speed is slow. So there are many possibilities of data packet link break during session upload.

E-mail – email is a mass electronic mailing facility. that allows you to send or exchange or receive online web content letters, e-mails, faxes, resumes, informational materials. Nowadays the traditional post has been completely replaced by e-mail. Where e-mail was more popular in mid-1995, and continues to this day. Where many global companies, organizations, industries exchange business e-mail or communication information with regular e-mail programs.

Web hosting – web hosting is another many online web space provider companies. Which provides online web hosting space on servers for storing world wide web content to preview on online web services 24/7 online. Where many webserver companies provide online space for the new host website. Even it regularly keeps the website content updated. You regularly access, update, modify your website on these web hosting websites online. Many companies in the world provide you with online web hosting space. Some of which are prominent, such as, hostinger, hostgator, siteground, godaddy, etc.

Video conference – video conference allows us to connect to an online webcam and microphone audio and video devices and communicate with two or more internet users connected online, which includes internet services. Nowadays many companies, organizations, industries, meetings, video conferences are conducted online through software. Like, yahoo messenger, skype, google plus, facebook, even windows net meeting software works in a similar way. Where there are other popular open-source ranges of online apps and software available for anyone interested in videoconferencing. Where in the past traditional days, businessmen or individuals, physically attending meetings or seminars, traveled long distances of several kilometers to a location, and were physically present for meetings and seminars. But all you need is a giant terminal lcd screen, microphone with headphones, and high-resolution webcam to videoconference, hear or see other online meeting members from anywhere in the world. Where in a net meeting or video conference, you ask a number of questions to put forward your query. And you can get the answer. Where you can participate in online video conferences directly from your home, office, location. Where video conferences reduce time, money, and increase your work efficiency in your global network village.

Ftp server – ftp stands for file transfer protocol. Which is a popular internet standard protocol. Where the ftp protocol is particularly useful for transmitting or transferring file data and online information between client and server networks. Where each ftp server is dedicated to the online transfer of several specific files, and transfers data fast, secure, and reliable between two different dedicated web servers. The ftp client software communicates with the dedicated ftp client and ftp server. Finally, when the client and server connection is established, the ftp client is then able to send and receive files and information. Where you enter a valid username and membership password. Where each ftp server allows two methods of the file transfer. One is ascii and the other is the binary mode. Here are some common ftp clients called quite ftp and ws ftp servers.

E-commerce – e-commerce means electronic commerce or online product purchase from your desktop, laptop, or cellphone from an online website or e-commerce store. This means you buy or sell products online through internet facilities. Where many of today’s online websites provide their products through the internet from online websites or e-commerce stores and deal with buying and selling products online. Where online many e-commerce companies promote their and sellers’ every product online through the internet, where product buyers can see product specifications before purchase. Where you also get all other product document configurations through the website. Most e-commerce companies allow you to buy and sell products online via debit card, credit card, pay online, or even pay online wallets. Even some are associated with e-commerce business as a business, and some provide multiple product categories online as a business for customers. Where there are some world-famous websites that run online e-commerce website products. Like, amazon, ebay, flipkart, homeshop18, shopclues, olx, and many other websites. Even some general e-commerce services provide mobile commerce, fund transfer, online marketing, the worldwide web, etc, and many other remaining services.

Social connectivity – where social interaction allows you to communicate with multiple online social media platform groups in social interaction groups. Study their business relationships where people share information about their relationships, understandings, feelings, feelings, success, failures, routine posts, commercials, non-commercials, occasion-related social media friends, groups, or connected usenets. Many online websites today allow you to connect people by social interaction. Where there are some major websites like, facebook, linkdln, we chat, twitter, my space, rediff bol, yahoo messenger, skype, google plus, and many other websites. that allow us to connect socially. In today’s all modern social connectivity website we have to create web site profile, easy account creation process, easy to chat, receive conversations, make video calls, chat, share files and data, create folders, images, text information, easy videos creation process. Provides many simple tools and features for we can even do internet video calls, live single or group chats on one or more social networks, socialize in multiple groups at the same time on a common or different platform.

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