Probability Class 9th


In our daily life, Perception and imagination are very important parts. We often speculate about things, about people, about weather like police doubt that he is a thief, it might rain today and I guess that Bhavik will win, etc. This type of Perception and imagination is always uncertain. Actually, we predict things on the basis of our knowledge and experience. Sometimes our predictions are correct and sometimes not. In class 9th, we shall study probability based on real-life experiments like tossing a coin, throwing a die, drawing a card, etc.

What is Probability?

The word ‘probability’ is the extended meaning of the word ‘Probably’. When we perform any task or experiment, there may be many results but the chances of occurrence of our desired or favorable outcomes show the probability. When we toss a coin, we are performing an experiment and we want the outcome head or tail that is the event of this experiment.


In an experiment, the possibility of the occurrence of any event is called probability. For example – the occurrence of a head or tail during tossing a coin, the occurrence of any number from 1 to 6 during throwing a die, etc.

Uses of Probability

Probability is used in many fields because of its importance. It is used in the fields of science, commerce, weather like physical sciences, biological sciences, medical sciences, commerce and economics, and weather forecasting.



Probability Class 9th in Hindi

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