Probability Q & A

Q 1) What is probability?

Ans. – Probability is the possibility of the occurrence of any event. When an event occurs, the chances of favorable outcomes are the value of probability.

Q 2) What is the formula of probability?

Ans. – Probability of an event = Number of favorable outcomes/total number of outcomes.

For event A, we can write the formula,

Probability of event A, P(A) = the number of favorable outcomes of event A/total number of outcomes of event A.

Q 3) What is an event?

Ans. – An event is the collection of possible outcomes of an experiment.

Q 4) What is the relation between ‘probability’ and ‘not probability’?

Ans. – ‘Probability’ of an event is shown as P(E) and the ‘not probability’ of an event is shown as P(E’).

Relation between P(E) and P(E’),

P(E) + P(E’) = 1

Or P(E) = 1 – P(E’) and P(E’) = 1 – P(E)

Probability Q & A in Hindi

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